How to Endure the Hard Stuff

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How to Endure the Hard Stuff

As I sit and write this I am on the freedom bird to Kuwait where I will hop on another flight in a few days and head back to the land of the free.  I have been up for going on 30 hours now, so forgive me if this doesn't read well. 

"The people you choose to spend time with, enrich you so you can do the hard stuff.” - Monika Walters

This is our second attempt at getting to Kuwait, due to a little snafu with Pakistan and their airspace - causing us to turn around and go back to Afghanistan two hours into the flight and landing back at Kandahar Airfield. While grounded, sitting in the aircraft on the tarmac, I was lucky enough catch a signal on the plane and chat through Facebook messenger with one of my partners, Monika, about some business issues that we needed to catch up on. The discussion then turned towards how people tend to close themselves off to the rest of the world, getting so wrapped up in the negativity of their lives around them, that they fail to see outside the wire and realize that there is life outside the perimeter. 

They fail to understand why they are so unhappy, blind to the fact that the people that they surround themselves with clouds their view of what could be a happier and much more fulfilling life, which would make them happier. During this conversation Monika told me, “Tommy, the people you choose to spend time with, enrich you so you can do the hard stuff.” Holy shit!  I had never even thought of that and she was right.  

It’s our choice to wake up every day, continuing to live our life the same way everyday. If you are hanging out with people that constantly bleed you dry emotionally, then you will never be happy.  These people could be your family taking advantage of you, your so-called friends that say they are your best friends, the ones you bend over backwards for, but when you need them they hold you back. I am very lucky to have some of the best friends I could ask for.  Dudes that, even though I don't talk to them every day I can depend on to be there for me and have my six; these people make me realize that life really isn't that fucking bad, and it can actually be a blast.  It’s your choice who you surround yourself with.

Life is full of choices, and it’s your choice when you wake up everyday, whether you want to be happy or not.

If you aren't happy and not looking forward to the day: Ask yourself, what is making me unhappy? What is making you unhappy right now? What can you do to make that change and be happy with your life? Only you can make that change. It’s your choice as to whether you are happy or not. You are in charge of your own choices, so get out there and choose the right people to surround yourself with so that you can enrich your life and endure the hard shit. 

'Cause life isn't meant to always be sunshine and rainbows. It’s full of ups and downs and those we choose to be in our tribe will determine how we are able to do the hard stuff.






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