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So the first weekend of CrossFit regionals is in the books and it was AWESOME! 

During the weeks leading up to the CrossFit Super Regionals in the East and South, Dave Castro (@thedavecastro) did not disappoint by trolling the entire CrossFit community and naturally creating a big buzz with the release of the first event - in which competitors would be gruelling through the first test that would include the 5.11 weighted vest. 

It wasn't until the last Regional WOD would be released -  that the complaints started coming that the complaints started coming in.  The reason?  There were no barbells used in the regionals events.

My response? Suck it the fuck up! You don't like it, don't watch it. You don't need a fucking barbell in your hand to do CrossFit.

I know this is going to piss a lot of you off, but answer me this.  What are we training for in CrossFit? For the “unknown”.  Every years what do you hear Dave Castro say he wants to see the athletes do?  He wants to see how well the athletes adapt to the challenges that is presented to them and how they react to the stresses of reacting. 

Look I’m with you man,  I love seeing dudes and chicks jack some bars over their head. The shit’s exciting! But Dave was right on the money this year. This was a fun regionals competition to watch, and Event 6 is the shit. It all has been a little nostalgic for me.

Back when I started doing CrossFit in 2006 we had to improvise to make substitutions for equipment that we didn't have. Not everyone had a olympic rings to do muscle ups and we ended having to make our own out of PVC pipe and ropes. 

There were entire threads on the CrossFit discussion board dedicated just to DIY CrossFit Equipment. We were using cinder blocks for kettle bell swings. If we didn't have weightlifting bars you made substitutions, if you didn't have a C2 rower you did sumo deadlift high pulls. 

We adapted to the situation put in some work and got better. 

The point I am trying to make it, try it for once, I'm confident that you will find new way to make yourself or your athletes better. And for the love of - quit bitching about how everything that's not the norm when it comes to CrossFit.

Fact is, CrossFit isn’t a normal sport, NOR are its athletes.

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