FerroVia Athletes

Shevez Freeman 

Shevez is currently serving as a Captain in the U.S. Army.  She is currently assigned as the 25A Career Program Manager working at the US Army Cyber Center of Excellence at Ft. Gordon, GA. 

She is also working to finish her OPEX CCP Level I Total Coaching Cert so that she can help others reach their goals in the near future. Shevez has participated in numerous Crossfit competitions, most recently taking first place at the Annual Crawfish Challenge in the heart of the famous Crawfish Festival in Columbia, SC. 

Competitions she is most looking forward to this coming year are Granite Games and Wodapalooza. When she is not busy traveling to meet with cadets from various OCS and ROTC departments (the future leadership of the Army), or spending time with her daughter, Shevez is training in her home garage gym or at her Box, Crossfit Fort Gordon at Ft. Gordon, GA.  Use the link below to go to her Instagram page and give her a follow her a follow.


Caine "The Dragon" Wilkes

Caine Wilkes is one of the highest-ranked male American weightlifters. At the 2014 Pan American Championships, Wilkes grabbed gold with a personal best 399.0kg (880 lbs) total lift in the super heavyweight (105+kg/231+ lbs) division.Wilkes also competed at the 2015 World Championships in the super heavyweight (105+kg division). He earned a 396.0kg (873 lbs) total lift.




Hamilton Brodnax

Owner and operator of CrossFit St. Simons.Owner/Operator of CrossFit St. SimonsCrossFit Level 1&2 coach2016 Atlantic Regional AthleteTraining Think Tank AthleteAs a CrossFit Athlete, himself, Hamilton’s short term goals are to get his new acquired gym moving and with momentum. The education and development of his staff and community being at the forefront of that. Tangent to that, getting back to into CrossFit Regionals 2018 is also part of his own personal development and objectives. Developing and building a successful CrossFit affiliate with a strengthened community that assists in building amazing athletes is part of Hamilton’s long term vision.

Becoming part of the building of a community and helping people improve their lives in every way possible – adding value. Of course, making a run for the CrossFit Games, is always in his line of sight with relentless determination.