15 Minutes A Day Is All You Need To Fix Mobility Issues By Brock Dennis

15 Minutes A Day Is All You Need To Fix Mobility Issues By Brock Dennis

Thoughts on improper movement and motor patterns in elite athletes:

I was watching the latest Nordic Skiing World Cup yesterday evening and was astonished with how I saw these athletes moving. With the amount and depth of resources many elite athletes have at their disposal, it kills me to see these athletes moving incorrectly.

How many of you have seen a cyclist bang their knees on the top tube when riding? A Crossfitter that does double unders and their knees touch when landing? Lifters that come out of a squat and their knees bow in? Or nordic skiers that have their knees touch when double polling? Improper movement and over compensation will lead to injury, plain and simple. Where are the coaches coaching these athletes and how do they not see these issues and not address them? Simple band work to get the glutes and hamstrings firing correctly can do wonders for an athletes overall health and wellbeing and not to mention performance. Also, correctly performing mono-lateral lifts can remedy a lot of improper movement patterns and aid in muscles firing correctly.

My right VMO literally gave out earlier this year because my lateral quadricep wasn't firing correctly as my VMO was doing the majority of the work when I rode. On the contrary, my left lateral quadricep has been over compensating for an under developed left VMO that hasn't been firing correctly for years following my 2 knee surgeries. I started doing band work, and mono-lateral lower push/pull combos and I've seen tons of improvement since incorporating these simple prehab/rehab into training. 10-15min a day to correct any issues can and will remedy future injuries and the headaches that come along with those injuries! Stay healthy out there!

Brock Denis

Against The Grain Endurance

Cycling & CrossFit Coach

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We have also include the following video titled "The Best Glute Activstion Ever" from the The WOD Doc if you need any ideas or just a good place to start to begin your road to fixing your issues.  Enjoy! 


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