DARI Motion: Identifies and Prevents Injuries Before They Happen

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DARI Motion: Identifies and Prevents Injuries Before They Happen

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Human Performance Workshop in Stuttgart, Germany hosted by NATO Headquarters.  This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, to learn from and talk to the leading minds in the world about strength and conditioning, and sports performance. It also provided me a chance to see some of the leading technology that is helping revolutionize the sports industry, the most notable being DARI motion.

FerroVia Apparel DARI Motion

DARI motion is the only marker-less predictive human motion analytics system and the most advanced data management software for human movement in the world. After a five-minute movement screen, you will be provided with a very comprehensive report on everything from muscle imbalances to shear forces on your joints.  DARI offers a full set up in your facility, will send a dedicated team to your facility and train you and your staff on how to use the software.  That dedicated team will also be available to help you if you ever need help. Your data is then stored on a cloud-based platform, meaning your data follows you everywhere you go. So if you are in Los Angles, and you go to Madrid Spain and get another screen that information is available to you, and the staff.

FerroVia Apparel Dari Motion

As an athlete myself, I seized the opportunity to get screened and was very surprised by the results. After testing 12 out of over 180 available movements.  My results were ready.  I was surprised at the accuracy of this system.  The machine not only accurately identified the hip, and hamstring issues that I already knew about, but identified that I had some scapular, and shoulder deficiencies as well.  Check out the video below to see what results were provided.


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