FerroVia is Headed To A One Year All Expenses Paid Vacation! AKA I'm Deploying

So it's been on the schedule for quite sometime now and I finally signed out on leave. I am currently spending some time with one of my brothers Matt, and his awesome girlfriend Elise (pronounced "Aye- lisa"; don't worry I get it wrong all the time.) while I make my way to to El Paso, TX to do some in-processing at Ft. Bliss before I fly out. This will be my fifth deployment, my fourth to Afghanistan. 


I knew when I started FerroVia that there would be occasions where I would have to go on "extended stays" somewhere. But don't worry we will still be open for business and I am thankful for the great support system that I have most importantly from my customers I want to personally thank everyone of you that have supported this great company making it what it is today.  My favorite part about this company is going to various competitions and meeting all of you personally. 


As I said in my headline I will be deployed for roughly one year to Afghanistan.  I really can't say what I will be doing there, but here on the home-front I have made sure that our systems will continue to run smoothly, and you will still get your orders fulfilled quickly while receiving the same first class customer service that has made this company great.


This company is and will continue to be run by veterans. When I started FerroVia I wanted this to become a business that was run entirely by veterans, that had the same passion as I do; the love of lifting heavy shit, fitness and making this brand something great improving everyone's lives that is involved.


While I am gone be on the lookout for some great things to come down the pipe, to include the debut of our fall and winter lines. I hope everyone has a great and safe summer and thank you again for all of your support.

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