Week 1: Friday May 6, 2016

Week 1: Friday May 6, 2016

KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan -- Airmen assigned to Kandahar Airfield clean and jerk barbells during PT

Week 1: Friday May 6, 2016

During this first week of programming keep weight light to moderate, and focus on perfecting your form.  The format for the exercises as written are "sets x reps". So as seen below for snatch pull 3 x 5; you would do 3 sets of 5 repetitions. Weights will be increased each week. 

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A)  5 x 5 Clean Pull (Focus is on technique and hitting the positions.)

B)  5 x 3 Clean and Jerk @ No more than 80% 1rm if known or feel if 1rm is not known

C)  3 x 5 Back Squat @ 85% 

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