Week 2: Monday 9, May 2016

Week 2: Monday 9, May 2016

Try to increase all weights lifted this week by 5% as compared to last week.  So if you used 102/ 225 for a snatch triple last week then increase those weights to 107/ 235 this week.  

* Post results in comments below.


A)  8 sets: 1x Snatch Pull + 1x tng Snatch. work up to a moderate weight and use this weight across all sets.

B)  5x 1.1.1 Snatch Cluster @ 85% ( Perform 1 snatch, drop bar, rest 5 secs, then perform another snatch, drop bar.  You'll do this for a total of three reps.) 

C) Work to a heavy Back Squat.

D) 3 x 8 Good Mornings at light weight.

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