Discipline yourself against Motivation

The new year has come and every one has begun their “new year resolutions” attacking the weight they promise to lose that still hangs on their mid sides from last year. Or the soul sucking job that they swore they would leave last year once they saved enough money, but their savings account is drained from “life” aka staying up late and trolling amazon. People make plans and are motivated to start kicking ass in the gym, eating right and ask that barista on a date that they’ve been flirting with all year (don’t). You hear it all the time. A month passes and suddenly all that motivation is gone and there isn’t enough C4 in Jon North’s gym bag to get you through a training session. And since training isn’t going as planned might as well drop the diet and go face first in a bucket of Kentucky fried chicken with hot sauce and all the fixings like you’ve wanted to every day as you pass it on your drive home. Suddenly it’s December 1st again and the fat is still there, your trainer won’t call you back and the barista is going out with the vegan down the road because you were too much of a pussy to ask. All of this could have been avoided if instead of searching for motivation, you flexed that discipline muscle instead. Except for the barista, you can’t fix ugly.
Motivation is a fickle, fickle mistress. One day it’s there, waking you up at 5 in the morning to slay dragons and the next it’s sending you a Dear John saying it’s better if you see other people. Motivation IS NOT IN YOUR CONTROL. It’s a function of our biology, you cannot DECIDE to be motivated. Volume blocks in training drive you into the dirt grinding you into the platform and make you question every decision you ever made. That is where discipline comes in. 

Discipline is a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets. It is reliable because YOU control it. Every decision you make that requires discipline, sticking to your macros, doing the assistance work and drop sets, not showing the barista your “play room” on the first date, all make your discipline stronger. Some will argue that these are “decision points” and that you have a finite amount of decision points in a day and that to go past your allotted quota would be to invite catastrophe. In that case, you better be sure to use them correctly. Don’t wake up early, you might need that decision point at breakfast so you don’t eat all the pastries at the coffee shop. The barista might appreciate the income, but probably won’t find your empty wallet and expanding waist line very attractive. From personal experience, I have found that making procrastination, laziness, and gluttony acceptable behaviors based on an abstract number of “decisions” you can make a day to be utter bullshit. It is an excuse, a rationalization, a pussification and to cop to it is to accept mediocrity. 

In this new year I invite you to treat EVERY FUCKING DAY exactly the same. Whether it is Monday, Thursday, Saturday, your birthday or the beginning of the new year, use every single minute of every day to pursue your goals. Not with motivation that will fade in the midnight hour. With discipline, forged through effort, endurance, and intestinal fortitude. As my first lieutenant said during our liberty SITFU and DBAP (fucking acronyms). Suck It The Fuck Up and Don’t Be A Pussy. 

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