In order to get where we're going, we first must know where we are.

I have grown disgusted by the gross misuse of social media platforms and the subsequent psychological turmoil it puts people in. There is a large population, and they almost exclusively are extremely popular, who create an ideal version of themselves through social media. Their followers, not able to interact with them daily and see them for the pieces of shit they actually are, are led to believe that this perfectly happy, toned, wealthy, sexy life is the standard. THAT IS A FUCKING LIE. 

In order to tear this charade apart, I’m going to start with myself. The following series of posts is going to be about certain principles I’ve adhered to that are total bullshit, mantras I’ve told myself that allow me to rationalize my cowardice, and any other fuckery that I am done with. I am going to expose exactly where I am, from body composition that I’m ashamed of to addictions that I have and let slide for the sake of comfort. Let us begin.

Fallacy #1: life should not be this hard. Because it is, I must be doing something wrong. 

Reality: Well, I am wrong. I’m wrong in thinking that this thing called life was supposed to be easy. Suffering is a fact of life. We can all suffer right where we are or suffer for a cause that we give two shits for. Choose where you give your shits wisely, apparently we only have two.