Leaving On a Jet Plane

Three men stand in front of the departure board at the airport, staring at the list as planes status change from on time, to boarding, and departing. Some get delayed, some canceled. 
The first man frowns and taps his foot as he watches each flight status change. He thinks to himself, should I have taken that flight? Where should I go? I missed another flight! Fuck! Is this flight booked? He is frozen in place over analyzing each and every option he has and forgets the most important part of the trip. Making a decision.

The second is far less concerned. Without a thought he checks the board for the next departure, pays for a ticket, and hops on board. He hasn’t packed much because he doesn’t know where he is going. Doesn’t know for how long either. Shit, he just knows that he is going somewhere. 

He is finally boarded and fishes his ticket out of his pocket to figure out where the fuck he is headed. Antarctica. And he didn’t even pack a jacket. 

The third gentlemen has been ready for this trip for a while. He has asked friends about potential vacation spots and has even chosen a tour guide for when he gets there. He studies the board looking for his flight. He already bought the ticket and is packed for a life changing trip. He finds his flight and makes his way past security, enjoying the moment, a cup of coffee, and the excitement of adventure.

Now why in the fuck would I be talking about travel when my focus is the pursuit of strength? Well, my readers (of which there might be three) strength training is much like travel.

If you fret about the goal (destination) and all of the specifics, you miss out on actually beginning your training (travel). Strength is like a pile of work that has to get moved from one spot to another. You can move it in small chunks, or big ones but the most important part is moving that shit. In strength, and in life, time is your enemy if you don’t use it wisely.

If you start without a solid purpose and goal like the second man, you might end up somewhere you did not intend to go. This could leave you injury ridden, disheartened and unlikely to pursue strength with any passion. And passion is important. Go watch Jon North lift, or any powerlifting meet for that matter, they are all extremely passionate.

But if you choose a goal, any goal, do thorough research, and find a mentor along the way, you can begin your strength journey with confidence. Have a plan, stick to the plan, and enjoy the process. Now stop reading and get to work.

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