Rolling Stone

Have you ever heard someone’s life story and wanted to call bull shit? I was recently listening to a TED Talk and was struck by the linear fashion that the speaker’s life had supposedly been laid at his feet SINCE GRADE SCHOOL. Can you believe that? 

My first instinct was to question my life’s trajectory. Why haven’t I had such a clear destination and path? Was I presented with it at an early age but due to immaturity and youthful ignorance I ignored it and carried on with my debauchery? Am I the anomaly or is he?

The better question however, is does it even fucking matter? I am not capable of retracing each of my steps to try to determine where by divine providence I might have been given the holy grail of purpose. And even if I did, it would be an utter waste of time! 

I have come quite a distance since my childhood. While I am still in my “youth” I no longer hold on to the same truths as I did in my younger years. What might have mattered to me then might not hold as much merit now. 

My journey, your journey, might not be as clean, clear, and easy as the next persons and that’s ok. The climb to the the top of the mountain never is. But the view from the top should be, and we can take comfort that we are on the way there.

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