The Story of FerroVia

When I was stationed as an Engineer with the 173rd Airborne Brigade, we took a trip to Mount Pasubio’s 52 Galleries. During  World War I the Italian forces and Austro-Hungarian forces were locked in a stalemate war in the mountains of northern Italy. In order to get supplies to the front lines, the Italian Engineers completed over 6km of trails blasting holes through the side of the mountains. They used mules and  constructed mines carts, To excavate the rocks from blasting. You can could also see rebar drilled into the sides of the mountains.  These ways were known as “Le ferrovie” the literal translation; “the iron ways”.

FerroVia Apparel has humble beginnings as a platoon t-shirt.

Deployed in Afghanistan, and discontented with the uncomfortable Army issued t-shirts, we decided to take it upon ourselves to find the most comfortable shirt we could, and design the most badass shirt possible.

Mission accomplished. Everyone in the battalion wanted one. We immediately saw the difference between the low-quality product the Army gave us, and the top-tier product we had sourced and developed.

A few years later, looking back, I knew that with my time in the Army coming to an end, my time serving with my brothers wasn’t done. It has now become a team effort with other brothers sharing my mission.

I wanted to provide a top quality product to fellow warriors, and support those brothers and sisters that have hung the uniform up. In 2008 I had just redeployed from my third tour in Afghanistan with the 173rd Airborne Brigade, suffered from PTSD and was going through a very dysfunctional marriage, which ultimately failed.

Serving time as a Drill Sergeant in Ft Benning, GA added further strain on my family life and ultimately I lost my family. At the same time two retired Rangers First Sergeants opened CrossFit Inception.  They took me in and I was immediately hooked. The relationships and community combined with the difficult workouts CrossFit is so famous for provided me with a healthy outlet to face my demons and come out the other side; alive.

When I decided to start FerroVia, I wanted to build a brand that represented surviving the struggles that all combat veterans go through, while promoting a healthy lifestyle. FerroVia isn't a brand just for CrossFitters.

It has become a brand and a mission for anyone that is military or civilian, promoting and encouraging a healthy and balanced lifestyle, whilst strengthening relationships with those around them as well as their community.  

The Iron Way wasn’t built in a day, and neither is any personal journey, I know this first hand and so does every individual that has had to embark on their own journey.  

FerroVia is YOUR journey through life, living YOUR struggles, and coming out the other side healthier mentally and physically, while improving the lives of others and helping them through their struggles.

Why the 22:

In February 2016, one of my good friends that I served with had served with committed suicide. This was the fourth combat veteran that I knew personally that had taken their own life.  

Not only did this personally impact me, but I wanted to do something to help, to be able to help in any way I can. The number 22 has become symbolic of the number of veterans that commit suicide every day. FerroVia’s mission is to help reduce that number through awareness, and donating to various organizations that help veterans through an active lifestyle.